Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Haiku/Senryu/Poetry

I will be posting all of my haiku/senryu/poetry here. The date is when first tweeted on Twitter.

Remembering like ~ it was yesterday when it ~ was a year ago

Anticipation ~ nervous excitment all melt ~ away at first glance

Smile, hug, first kiss ~ all so special, remembered ~ fondly on this night

Both of us looking ~ for what all people want, to ~ love and be loved back

Tears streaming down face ~ as the words flow out of her, ~ heart is hurting now

Out of my head and ~ heart and into the ether ~ cathartic release

Out my window big ~ snowflakes swirl in air, rising, ~ falling with the wind.
(haiku challenge 'rise')

What a difference a year makes.
(six words)

Long after we part ~ your scent lingers and I am ~ drawn back to your arms.
(haiku challenge 'linger')

Child's excitment this ~ time of year is contagious ~ catch it and enjoy.

Dim light and shadows ~ we reach out and pull closer ~ two sleeping as one.
(haiku challenge 'dim')

You are always in my thoughts.
(six words)

Tiny snowflakes dance ~ on wind, each one unique and ~ lovely in its way.
(haiku challenge 'unique')

Grey clouds full of snow ~ obscures the spare light of late ~ autumn afternoon.
(haiku challenge 'spare')

Sometimes the story ~ of our life does not follow ~ the outline we wrote.
(haiku challenge 'story')

Seek me in light and ~ dark, in good and bad, now and ~ forever, seek me.

Just when it seems all ~ the tears are gone, I think of ~ you and cry again.

Wind whips snow into ~ face, cold air stings eyes, cannot ~ see in haze of tears.
(haiku challenge 'haze')


Charms on her bracelet ~ depict her life, only thing ~ missing is true love

Wind-blown snowflakes dance ~ on air, up, down, before they ~ rest in a white field.

(haiku challenge 'field')

Today I turned a ~ page in my life, no need to ~ wait for the new year.

Sometimes life does not ~ take the course we expect but ~ that makes it better
(haiku challenge 'course')

Thinking of you my ~ heart skips a beat and sadness ~ washes over me

Throughout my day I ~ think of you and smile, do ~ you think of me too?


I'm cold, please warm me up.

You must be a myth ~ drawn from my dreams, needs and hopes ~ but myths are not real
(haiku challenge 'myth')

I think of you and cry.

Lightly snowing as ~ the still, cold, grey day turns to ~ night in the mountains

Winter is saying ~ hello, the boy exclaims, such ~ excitement in voice

Learn from your past, then ~ push it aside, move forward ~ and live for today
(haiku challenge 'aside')

Lips barely touching ~ electricity throughout ~ this is meant to be
(haiku challenge 'barely')

Oh delicious cup ~ of tea, warm me and help me ~ awaken today
(haiku challenge 'delicious')

White paint, black shutters, ~ red door, smell of wood fire, ~ dream of love inside

You are always in my heart.

My heart is full, knowing you are out there, thinking of me.
(poetry, nanopoetry)

Dark room, listening ~ to the pouring rain and I ~ will soon dream of you

Pulled toward sleep, I hope to find you in my dreams...
(nanopoetry, poetry)

Wondering if you ~ were thinking of me, clicked on ~ screen, answer is no

Touch sky from swingset ~ video game battle, eat ~ pancakes: boy's fun day
(haiku word game: sky, pancake, video, fun)

Music makes me feel your love.

Paint me with your love, ~ broad strokes, fine lines, bright colors ~ bursting forth from us

Love is painted with ~ broad strokes and fine lines, with bright ~ colors bursting forth

Butterflies, nervous ~ fidgeting, all disappear ~ the moment we kiss

Kisses dance across ~ lips. Hands on body find the ~ right notes. Love as art.

My heart misses you ~ more than I ever thought was ~ possible, my love

I'm your forever ~ mind, body and soul, if you ~ push the right buttons
(haiku challenge 'push')

Voices, bodies used ~ as instruments of pleasure ~ musical lovers

Reach through your darkness ~ grab my waiting hand, hold tight ~ I will pull you back
(haiku challenge 'back')

Here's a little tip ~ scratch my back, just like that, and ~ you'll drive me crazy
(haiku challenge 'back')

Tea and toast because ~ of bad lunch, will stay clear of ~ refrigerator

Voice dances across lips ~ into my heart

I am waiting in ~ the silence, the dark, for you ~ to return to me

After the rain ends ~ there is nothing but stillness ~ and my thoughts of you

When one reveals their ~ heart to you treat it as a ~ very special gift
(haiku challenge 'reveal')

Trees stripped bare of leaves, ~ hearts stripped bare of love, end of ~ a season, and us

I dream of you in ~ the daytime, small memories ~ of time shared, now gone

Hearts are delicate ~ if someone gives you theirs make ~ sure you take good care

I dream of you at ~ night, private moments only ~ shared with you, now gone

Your actions hurt me ~ deeply, but at least I can ~ feel, which gives me hope

Handed my heart to ~ you for safekeeping but you ~ broke it in pieces

It may have been a ~ minor slight to you but to ~ me it was major
(haiku challenge 'minor')

Years meshed together ~ being pulled apart string by ~ string, separation

Steam rises from lake ~ swirling up toward the waiting ~ sun and a new day

Hold my hand and we ~ will move forward together, ~ two stronger than one

She wonders why she ~ continues to care when it's ~ obvious he doesn't

She knows she deserves ~ better and makes a promise ~ to herself: no more

There was a time we ~ did not twist each other's words ~ but that time is gone
(haiku challenge 'twist')

"I'm a bit odd but I'm worth it." And with those eight words she was hooked.
(very short story)

Even whenthere is ~ silence I can sense you out ~ there, waiting for me

Bluest eyes captured ~ my heart the second I saw ~ you, my sweet, sweet boy (For my son) (haiku challenge 'second')

Love or loathe? Kiss ~ or slap? What is it about you? ~ Give me a second...
(haiku challenge 'second')

Angry words, deep pain, ~ years forgotten, but at my ~ core I do still care
(haiku challenge 'core')

You are a book I ~ can't put down and want to read ~ cover to cover
(haiku challenge 'cover')

Found you on a screen ~ did my mind play tricks on me ~ or was it all you?

Insatiable, we ~ want to feast on each other ~ morning, noon, and night
(haiku challenge 'feast')

Darkness seeps into ~ my mind, makes me so tired. ~ I sleep to find you.

Cat milling around ~ waitig for their servant to ~ provide fresh food NOW!

Our hearts will find their ~ way to each other and then ~ we will both be home.
(haiku challenge 'find')

Do you think about ~ me and hope the way I do? ~ Hope is all we have.

Softly exploring ~ your sweet smell moves me to want ~ you now, forever

Without your kiss, hug ~ without your sweet words, without ~ your love I perish.
(haiku challenge 'perish')

Change can deliver ~ those we never expected ~ but knew all along.
(haiku challenge 'deliver')

Sweet boy asleep on ~ the couch, tried so hard to stay ~ awake for your team.

I spurn the sadness ~ I spurn the darkness and cold ~ when I reach for you.
(haiku challenge 'spurn')

Sitting on one side ~ of a park bench, saving the ~ other side for you.

Geese honk above, the ~ rusted leaves crunch underfoot, ~ some sounds of autumn.

Your pain is my pain ~ your joy is my joy, for I ~ am with you always.

Leaves blanket the ground, ~ Autumn is fleeting here in ~ the Adirondacks.

Reach through your darkness ~ grab my waiting hand, hold tight ~ I will pull you back.

Melt together as ~ chocolate melts on the tongue ~ pure pleasure for us.

Melt into me as ~ chocolate melts on the tongue ~ pure pleasure for us.

I want to reach through ~ the darkness, grab your hand, and ~ pull you back to me.

I crawl into bed ~ and into my dreams so I ~ can be there with you.

A boy with questions ~ from Santa to divorce, he ~ fills and breaks my heart.

Round head, full of hair ~ bluest eyes I'd ever seen ~ my beautiful boy. (For my son.)

Listen to my voice ~ follow the sound of love and ~ come back to me, dear.

You say more to me ~ with you silence than your words ~ and I'm left speechless.

Trying on a haiku ~ for the first time and I like ~ the way it fits.

Alone in a bed ~ the sound of the pouring rain ~ brings me back to you.