Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book Two: "How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed, A Memoir of Starting Over" by Theo Pauline Nestor

Sometimes a book comes along at the perfect time, and that is the case for me with "How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed, A Memoir of Starting Over" by Theo Pauline Nestor. The book details her separation and divorce after a long marriage and two children. As someone currently going through a divorce I can relate to a lot of what she wrote, especially her description of the 'stages' she went through after separating. This is a good read for any woman going through a separation and divorce.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Book One: "The Middle Place" by Kelly Corrigan

"The Middle Place" by Kelly Corrigan is a true story, or stories. Kelly is in her late 30s, a Mom to two young girls, when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She is close to her family, most especially her father, Greenie, who is diagnosed with bladder cancer. She describes her point in life as "the middle place" - where you are a parent, teaching and praising your own children, but also calling your parents to tell them of your latest accomplishments, and receiving praise from them.

The book goes back and forth from the present time when she is going through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, and different times in her life - childhood, young adulthood, pregnancies.

It is a quick read and will probably make you think about your relationships with parents, siblings, spouses, children and friends.

(My goal in these posts is not to "review" each book. What I like another person may hate, and vice versa. I'm just keeping a running lists of books as I read them and maybe some of them will interest someone else.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2010 Haiku/Senryu/Poetry

January 1, 2010:
The image in her ~ mind was just a dream, she puts ~ it away, moves on.

Laughter, happiness, ~ life is more fun seen through the ~ eyes of a child.

January 3:
Picking up pieces ~ of her broken heart, moving ~ forward much stronger.

January 5:
Flow with me, let's just ~ be together, two become ~ one, the world can wait.

January 6:
Sometimes you just need to cry. (six words)

January 7:
New year, clean slate in ~ front of you, what will you do ~ with such a great gift?

New year, life changes ~endless possibilites ~make it what you want.

January 8:
Hope to dream of you tonight. (six words)

January 9:
Emotions raw and ~ hurting, eyes wrung of all tears, ~ time now for healing.
(haiku challenge 'wrung')

Searching for you, are ~ you searching for me too? Hope ~ we find each other.

January 10:
Everything I know ~ has changed, turned upside down and ~ I need to find me.

My heart persists in ~ caring about you although ~ it has been broken.
(haiku challenge 'persist')

Glance, smile, touch, kiss, ~ hug, bodies pressed together ~ heating up for more.

When our lips meet, pure bliss.
(six words)

January 13:
Sun reflects off thin ~ lake ice only strong enough ~ to hold a small bird.

Characters come and ~ go, plot changes but title ~ remains same: My Life.
(haiku challenge 'title')

January 14:
Talking as we walk ~ to the car, arm around each ~ other, Mom and son.

January 15:
Cannot overlook ~ how he hurt my heart even ~ though I do still care.
(haiku challenge 'overlook')

January 16:
Babies of Haiti ~ I want to hold you all close ~ and make it better.

In a fog just want ~ to pull up the covers, close ~ eyes and drift away.

January 20:
Stillness, loneliness ~ creep in when least expected ~ hurts heart yet again.

January 21:
Memorized you, lines, ~ shapes, contours, muscles, tried to ~ forget but cannot.

Hands glide across back, ~ fingers in hair, exploring ~ mouths, soft sigh escapes.

January 22:
Red flash against white ~ snow, cardinal lands on branch, ~ surveys his domain.

January 24:
Emotions raw and ~ hurting, eyes wrung of all tears, ~ time now for healing.

My mind knows the truth ~ but my heart aches for you, my ~ body yearns for you.

January 25:
A boy, a Mom, two ~ cats snuggling on the couch ~ in late afternoon.

Rough beard on soft skin ~ pleasure and pain, she pulls him ~ closer, wanting more.

Tracing his soft lips ~ slowly with her finger, so ~ far only a dream.

January 26:
Cold morning, steel grey ~ sky, tiny snowflakes float down, ~ like tears on a cheek.

January 27:
The space between dreams ~ and wakefulness is where I ~ must go to find you.

January 28:
Friends with heavy hearts ~ my thoughts and love reach out to ~ you like a warm hug.

All I want is to sleep.

I think of you and smile.
I think of you and cry.
I must stop thinking of you.
#sixwords (times three)

January 29:
When I gave you my ~ heart it was not a loan, I ~ did not want it back.
(haiku challenge 'loan')

January 30:
Cold night. Warm bed. All alone.