Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2010 Haiku/Senryu/Poetry

January 1, 2010:
The image in her ~ mind was just a dream, she puts ~ it away, moves on.

Laughter, happiness, ~ life is more fun seen through the ~ eyes of a child.

January 3:
Picking up pieces ~ of her broken heart, moving ~ forward much stronger.

January 5:
Flow with me, let's just ~ be together, two become ~ one, the world can wait.

January 6:
Sometimes you just need to cry. (six words)

January 7:
New year, clean slate in ~ front of you, what will you do ~ with such a great gift?

New year, life changes ~endless possibilites ~make it what you want.

January 8:
Hope to dream of you tonight. (six words)

January 9:
Emotions raw and ~ hurting, eyes wrung of all tears, ~ time now for healing.
(haiku challenge 'wrung')

Searching for you, are ~ you searching for me too? Hope ~ we find each other.

January 10:
Everything I know ~ has changed, turned upside down and ~ I need to find me.

My heart persists in ~ caring about you although ~ it has been broken.
(haiku challenge 'persist')

Glance, smile, touch, kiss, ~ hug, bodies pressed together ~ heating up for more.

When our lips meet, pure bliss.
(six words)

January 13:
Sun reflects off thin ~ lake ice only strong enough ~ to hold a small bird.

Characters come and ~ go, plot changes but title ~ remains same: My Life.
(haiku challenge 'title')

January 14:
Talking as we walk ~ to the car, arm around each ~ other, Mom and son.

January 15:
Cannot overlook ~ how he hurt my heart even ~ though I do still care.
(haiku challenge 'overlook')

January 16:
Babies of Haiti ~ I want to hold you all close ~ and make it better.

In a fog just want ~ to pull up the covers, close ~ eyes and drift away.

January 20:
Stillness, loneliness ~ creep in when least expected ~ hurts heart yet again.

January 21:
Memorized you, lines, ~ shapes, contours, muscles, tried to ~ forget but cannot.

Hands glide across back, ~ fingers in hair, exploring ~ mouths, soft sigh escapes.

January 22:
Red flash against white ~ snow, cardinal lands on branch, ~ surveys his domain.

January 24:
Emotions raw and ~ hurting, eyes wrung of all tears, ~ time now for healing.

My mind knows the truth ~ but my heart aches for you, my ~ body yearns for you.

January 25:
A boy, a Mom, two ~ cats snuggling on the couch ~ in late afternoon.

Rough beard on soft skin ~ pleasure and pain, she pulls him ~ closer, wanting more.

Tracing his soft lips ~ slowly with her finger, so ~ far only a dream.

January 26:
Cold morning, steel grey ~ sky, tiny snowflakes float down, ~ like tears on a cheek.

January 27:
The space between dreams ~ and wakefulness is where I ~ must go to find you.

January 28:
Friends with heavy hearts ~ my thoughts and love reach out to ~ you like a warm hug.

All I want is to sleep.

I think of you and smile.
I think of you and cry.
I must stop thinking of you.
#sixwords (times three)

January 29:
When I gave you my ~ heart it was not a loan, I ~ did not want it back.
(haiku challenge 'loan')

January 30:
Cold night. Warm bed. All alone.

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