Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 2010 Haiku/Senryu/Poetry

February 1:
Once adorned with his ~ love, she has been stripped naked, ~ love taken away.
(haiku challenge 'adorn')

February 4:
Took up residence ~ in her heart, until the pain ~ was too strong to take
(haiku challenge 'residence')

February 8:
When there is nothing ~ left to say does everything ~ before still exist?

The well seems to be dry.
(six words)

February 9:
Broken heart requires ~ time to heal and in the end ~ emerges stronger
(haiku challenge 'require')

There is a place I ~ go in my dreams, hoping to ~ find you there one day

February 10:
Red flash ~ cardinal hides ~ within tangled vines

Animal tracks ~ in fresh snow ~ nature's art

February 11:
Sudden shiver up ~ spine makes me wonder are you ~ thinking of me too?

Shall carry you in ~ my heart forever although ~ no more serenade
(haiku word game: forever/serenade/carry

February 16:
Do not look elsewhere ~ when all the strength you need is ~ right inside of you.
(haiku challenge

February 24:
Snow on birdhouse ~ favorite ~ backyard scene

February 26:
Squirrels jumping ~ from branch to branch ~ nature's acrobats

Wind rushing through pines ~ and thoughts of you conspire ~ to keep me awake

Never expected ~ these life turns but she is still ~ hopeful nonetheless
(senryu party 'never'

Love the mountains and ~ lakes, but miss the smell, sound of ~ the Atlantic coast
(senryu party 'coast')

Heart shatters ~ like glass ~ if not careful
(senryu party 'glass')

February 27:
Soft sweet ~ slips through silk ~ so succulent

Freckles splashed across ~ cheeks of the most beautiful ~ face I've ever seen. (for Cameron)

Fold, flow ~ feel ~ fill, free

Flower bulbs ~ sleeping under the soil ~ waiting for Spring

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